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Brighton, Sussex



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Susanah  Abt 1806Brighton, Sussex I11954
2 Biddle, Alfred  Abt 1838Brighton, Sussex I13249
3 Biddle, Charles  Abt 1814Brighton, Sussex I13245
4 Biddle, Charlotte  Abt 1840Brighton, Sussex I13250
5 Biddle, Helen  Abt 1841Brighton, Sussex I13251
6 Biddle, James  Abt 1843Brighton, Sussex I13252
7 Biddle, Jeannette  Abt 1848Brighton, Sussex I13254
8 Biddle, Sarah  Abt 1846Brighton, Sussex I13253
9 Biddle, William Henry  Abt 1818Brighton, Sussex I13244
10 Courtney, Clara Jane  1842Brighton, Sussex I6690
11 Cramp, Dorcas M  Abt 1875Brighton, Sussex I6003
12 Cramp, Henry  Abt 1848Brighton, Sussex I6000
13 Cramp, Henry G  Abt 1874Brighton, Sussex I6002
14 Cramp, James  Abt 1845Brighton, Sussex I6008
15 Cramp, John  Abt 1854Brighton, Sussex I6010
16 Cramp, Mary  Abt 1850Brighton, Sussex I6009
17 Cramp, William  Abt 1816Brighton, Sussex I6005
18 Cramp, William  Abt 1843Brighton, Sussex I6007
19 Dawson-Damer, Lionel Seymour William 4th Earl of Portarlington  7 Apr 1832Brighton, Sussex I5386
20 Duke, Priscilla  Abt 1836Brighton, Sussex I13054
21 Earl, Charlotte Lansdell  Abt 1825Brighton, Sussex I5879
22 Earl, Ellen Lansdell  Abt 1832Brighton, Sussex I5881
23 Earl, Rosina Lansdell  Abt 1827Brighton, Sussex I5880
24 Earl, Thomas Lansdell  Abt 1822Brighton, Sussex I5877
25 Edwards, Herbert Charles  1882Brighton, Sussex I5990
26 Fenner, Arthur Robert  1854Brighton, Sussex I8289
27 Fenner, George Lansdell  Abt 1850Brighton, Sussex I8288
28 Fenner, Louis Marchant  1857Brighton, Sussex I8290
29 Fenner, William Douglas  1845Brighton, Sussex I8287
30 Hammond, Margaret  Abt 1871Brighton, Sussex I6114
31 Harman, Catherine "Kitty"  Abt 1820Brighton, Sussex I6656
32 Hoole, Thomas  Abt 1837Brighton, Sussex I14009
33 Kennedy, Archibald F  Abt 1859Brighton, Sussex I12333
34 Kennedy, Fergus F  Abt 1858Brighton, Sussex I12332
35 Knight, Sarah Jane  Abt 1826Brighton, Sussex I5901
36 Lansdell, Ann Stone  Abt 1820Brighton, Sussex I6659
37 Lansdell, Annie  Abt 1861Brighton, Sussex I6672
38 Lansdell, Bertha  1897Brighton, Sussex I11941
39 Lansdell, Charles George "George"  1890Brighton, Sussex I8829
40 Lansdell, Edith Rose  1900Brighton, Sussex I11942
41 Lansdell, Edward  1 Mar 1806Brighton, Sussex I5853
42 Lansdell, Ellen  Abt 1850Brighton, Sussex I6689
43 Lansdell, George  Abt 1864Brighton, Sussex I6673
44 Lansdell, Jane  Abt 1854Brighton, Sussex I6670
45 Lansdell, Jane Elizabeth  1852Brighton, Sussex I5903
46 Lansdell, Kate Rose  1852Brighton, Sussex I6669
47 Lansdell, Mary Ann  Abt 1842Brighton, Sussex I6666
48 Lansdell, Philip  1850Brighton, Sussex I5902
49 Lansdell, Robert William  Abt 1847Brighton, Sussex I6676
50 Lansdell, Stephen  4 Aug 1808Brighton, Sussex I5854

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 Earl, Charlotte Lansdell  17 Sep 1825Brighton, Sussex I5879
2 Earl, Rosina Lansdell  7 Sep 1827Brighton, Sussex I5880
3 Lansdell, George  16 Jul 1865Brighton, Sussex I6673
4 Lansdell, Jane  23 Mar 1858Brighton, Sussex I6670
5 Lansdell, Thomas  23 Mar 1858Brighton, Sussex I6671


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Lansdell, Bertha  1907Brighton, Sussex I11941
2 Macleod, Anna Eliza  2 Oct 1889Brighton, Sussex I3727


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Appleford, Mary Ann  2 Mar 1844Brighton, Sussex I2611
2 Lansdell, Stephen  13 Oct 1852Brighton, Sussex I5857

Alt. Birth

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Alt. Birth    Person ID 
1 Earl, Charlotte Lansdell  Abt 1831Brighton, Sussex I5879
2 Edwards, Herbert Charles  Abt 1879Brighton, Sussex I5990
3 Lansdell, James  Abt 1838Brighton, Sussex I5859
4 Lansdell, James  Abt 1840Brighton, Sussex I5859
5 Lansdell, James  Abt 1844Brighton, Sussex I5859
6 Lansdell, Lily  Abt 1884Brighton, Sussex I8827
7 Lansdell, Robert William  Abt 1846Brighton, Sussex I6676
8 Lansdell, Thomas Frederick  Abt 1894Brighton, Sussex I11940
9 Piedot, Mary Ann  Abt 1863Brighton, Sussex I8826
10 Tuppen, Catherine  Abt 1816Brighton, Sussex I13247
11 Wiseman, Mark  Abt 1833Brighton, Sussex I5885
12 Wiseman, Matthew  Abt 1827Brighton, Sussex I6692


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID 
1 Susanah  Abt 1841Brighton, Sussex I11954
2 Susanah  Abt 1851Brighton, Sussex I11954
3 Biddle, Charles  Abt 1841Brighton, Sussex I13245
4 Biddle, Charles  Abt 1871Brighton, Sussex I13245
5 Biddle, George  Abt 1871Brighton, Sussex I13256
6 Cramp, Henry  Abt 1861Brighton, Sussex I6000
7 Cramp, Henry  Abt 1881Brighton, Sussex I6000
8 Cramp, William  Abt 1861Brighton, Sussex I6007
9 Cramp, William  Abt 1861Brighton, Sussex I6005
10 Earl, Ann  Abt 1851Brighton, Sussex I5874
11 Earl, Charlotte Lansdell  Abt 1851Brighton, Sussex I5879
12 Earl, Charlotte Lansdell  Abt 1871Brighton, Sussex I5879
13 Earl, Thomas Lansdell  Abt 1861Brighton, Sussex I5877
14 Edwards, Charles Edward William  Abt 1881Brighton, Sussex I5987
15 Edwards, Edward William  Abt 1871Brighton, Sussex I411
16 Edwards, Edward William  Abt 1881Brighton, Sussex I411
17 Edwards, Frank Woodgate  Abt 1881Brighton, Sussex I5988
18 Fenner, William  Abt 1851Brighton, Sussex I6660
19 Fenner, William  Abt 1861Brighton, Sussex I6660
20 Fenner, William Douglas  Abt 1861Brighton, Sussex I8287
21 Hammond, George  Abt 1871Brighton, Sussex I6113
22 Harman, Catherine "Kitty"  Abt 1861Brighton, Sussex I6656
23 Harman, Catherine "Kitty"  Abt 1871Brighton, Sussex I6656
24 Lansdell, Ann Stone  Abt 1861Brighton, Sussex I6659
25 Lansdell, George  Abt 1891Brighton, Sussex I6673
26 Lansdell, George  Abt 1901Brighton, Sussex I6673
27 Lansdell, James  Abt 1832Brighton, Sussex I5852
28 Lansdell, James  Abt 1851Brighton, Sussex I5859
29 Lansdell, John  Abt 1841Brighton, Sussex I2594
30 Lansdell, Lily  Abt 1901Brighton, Sussex I8827
31 Lansdell, Mary  Abt 1841Brighton, Sussex I5849
32 Lansdell, Robert William  Abt 1861Brighton, Sussex I6676
33 Lansdell, Stephen  Brighton, Sussex I5854
34 Lansdell, Stephen  Abt 1851Brighton, Sussex I5857
35 Piedot, Charles Napoleon  Abt 1871Brighton, Sussex I13053
36 Piedot, Mary Ann  Abt 1891Brighton, Sussex I8826
37 Potter, William John  Abt 1851Brighton, Sussex I11960
38 Wiseman, James  Abt 1851Brighton, Sussex I11958
39 Wiseman, Mark  Abt 1851Brighton, Sussex I5885
40 Wiseman, Matthew  Abt 1841Brighton, Sussex I6692
41 Wiseman, Matthew  Abt 1851Brighton, Sussex I6692
42 Wiseman, Sarah  Abt 1851Brighton, Sussex I11956


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Akehurst / Bishop  26 Jul 1827Brighton, Sussex F4166
2 Biddle / Lansdell  3 Jul 1813Brighton, Sussex F1706
3 Cramp / Copper  11 Sep 1842Brighton, Sussex F1736
4 Cramp / Fullex  19 May 1822Brighton, Sussex F2995
5 Cramp / Haselgrove  22 Dec 1813Brighton, Sussex F1737
6 Earl / Harman  29 May 1842Brighton, Sussex F1971
7 Lansdell / Earl  1 Jun 1793Brighton, Sussex F1694
8 Lansdell / Goble  20 Sep 1808Brighton, Sussex F586
9 West / Hilder  29 Mar 1824Brighton, Sussex F2580